IndieWeb thoughts



I've been circling the IndieWeb community for a while now, but always at a distance. The technical solutions they promote didn't convince me, and I've been vocally skeptical about them. Yet I kept returning. Doubly so after my friend fluffy joined the club. Took me a while to figure out why, too.

It's because the IndieWeb wiki and newsletter are a treasure trove of interesting information. And that in turn is because they care. They think about the web and experiment. Just look at this page about the js;dr phenomenon: something you've probably noticed too, and didn't have a name for either. That page in turn pointed me at a beautiful rant from a couple of years ago titled Dear Developer, The Web Isn't About You Which has little to do with today's topic, but relates to yesterday's post and some of my older writing too.

And you know... the more ways we have to keep the web open, the better. I love Mastodon, got two accounts and planning to get a third, but ActivityPub has well-known failure modes, mostly a result of its size and complexity. While the IndieWeb is just sort of what I've been doing already, with a few more bells and whistles.

Which is why as of this writing you can find me on For now anyway. Going to poke around a little and try to make friends. Can't be any worse than on Twitter, where only one person ever replied to my posts here.

Personal websites are a conversation. We've just forgotten that simple truth for, oh, about two decades. It's time to relearn some good habits.


Tags: social media, software, culture