Holidays and hopes



Merry Christmas! As the year winds down, it's traditional to stop for a while and look back, so that we can figure out where we are, not to mention where we can go from here. The moment is arbitrary, yes, but since we must turn a new page anyway, might as well do it around the end-of-year holidays.

Too bad things look pretty damn bad in either direction. 2018 has been yet another terrible year, full of stress and disappointments, both for me and some friends I had to let down. In fact, one of my reasons for starting this blog has been to vent without resorting to tweet storms. (Don't do tweet storms. Please. Get a blog.) And even that rings hollow. Everything does when you're lonely.

Worse, there's every reason to believe things will get worse, perhaps much worse, before they start getting better again. No, 2019 won't break the recent bad streak. On the contrary. Politics, economy and climate, the three horsemen of the new apocalypse, are galloping across the face of the Earth. That many people seem to be waking up at last can only have limited impact by now. We've waited way too long.

So much for hopes. Then again, I always hated the concept of hope. Hope is what you have when you're in deep shit and powerless to do anything about it. In other words, a synonym for delusion.

So much for the holiday spirit, too. I hate myself right now. But it's better than lying to myself, and you, about the future.

What can we do, then? Why, cling to the only things we ever had: live, stick together and be good people. Experience, create, enjoy. Make things as good as we can, for as many people as we can, until we can do no more. Sounds radical? It is! Arguably, it has been for my entire life. And by now we have nothing left to lose.

As for this blog, expect fewer posts and more pictures. Less venting and more joy. Cool things. Geeky things.

Be well and enjoy the celebrations, everyone.


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