This was supposed to happen a month from now, but it's been so quiet around here lately, it makes no sense to wait.

As you've probably guessed, I'm ending the blog. Should have announced it earlier, sorry. Since last autumn, I've been posting a lot more on my linklog, not to mention the new journal. And long-form writing is best placed in specific site sections anyway. Besides, like I wrote elsewhere some time ago, it's best for blogs to end at some point, not unlike books. Get it out of your system, rest for a while, start again elsewhere when you feel up to it. Makes sense to me.

Besides, I achieved my initial goal with the blog, namely finding my own voice online again. Achievement unlocked!

Naturally, the archive will remain in place for now. That's the beauty with static site generators: what you write stays put. Almost makes up for the hassle of using them.

Then again, next time I'll know to do it better. That's what experience is for.

Before ending this post: we live in uncertain times. Not sure how much longer this site will be able to stay up. Got the domain paid til next August, at least. See, the problem with our commercial internet is, it doesn't last. I'd call for academia to take over again, except academia has also become largely commercial.

Good people have been working to set things straight again, but it's an uphill struggle. Seek them out. Try to help.

Thanks for staying with me. See you around.


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