BashBlog booboos



So, this blog has been around for almost two years already. How time flies. And while the software powering it proved perfectly good, it's been long enough for me to also start noticing the downsides.

For one thing: when you keep a blog, sooner or later you'll need to go back and edit old posts. BashBlog can do that... except it will also update the ordering. Which can mess up a nice series. It does hide a timestamp in generated HTML files, but doesn't seem to use it when you edit the Markdown source. Oops!

(Edit: turns out it does keep the creation date, but orders posts by modification date. I'm not sure when that's the behavior you need.)

And then, if you get rid of a tag, e.g. by renaming it in all the posts that used to have it, the old tag archive page sticks around. Which wouldn't be a problem... except if you fail to remove it, BashBlog will continue to include it in the tag list. Which in turn still has a copy of the last post that had the tag in question. Talk about ghost tags!

Other small annoyances include how there doesn't seem to be any logic to the way backups work, and the strange behavior when running BashBlog with an unusual mix of utilities, like in Puppy Linux, which I think partly relies on BusyBox and partly on a trimmed-down set of GNU core utils?! Something like that. Though I suppose the distro maintainers are to blame here: stick to one thing, dammit!

Good thing I'm back on Debian 10, albeit due to unhappy circumstances. And hey, even the aforementioned weirdness was never in any danger to break my blogs. Maybe I'm spoiled.


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