Autumn of Apps



I'm always on the lookout for more software to get creative with, but not every week brings such a bounty: three of them coming one after another, all so useful and fun I can't wait to show everyone. Follow me.

For one: I already knew about the *ledger family of apps, but hadn't paid much attention before coming across the Plain Text Accounting website. And it's fascinating. While my trial run lasted less than a week, for various reasons, ledger-likes prove easy to use and educational. If you happen to use Debian, the top three are available in the repositories, having reasonable size and dependencies.

Speaking of Debian. While looking for something to inspect JSON files with, I found much more: VisiData, a tool to view, explore and manipulate (mainly) tabular files such as CSV, but also capable of dealing with formats from SQLite databases, through XML and even zip archives or directories on disk. I have an old version here, but it's still plenty useful. Just somewhat cryptic initially, but documentation helps.

Last but not least: if the previous two seem too nerdy, I also looked at a bunch of Kanban board apps, and one of them is unexpectedly nice: Nullboard runs in any mainstream browser, saving data to local storage and/or files. It's also simple, clear, fast and works as advertised. Very lightweight, too. Not my thing to be honest, but it's a different way of looking at things and I might find a use for it yet.

Thought there would be more to say about one or two of them at least, but not today. Until further updates, enjoy, and remember: stay curious! You never know what other people thought of that could inform your work in novel ways.


Tags: software, review