April and all



The last post cost me almost all followers. If you're reading this, thanks for sticking around. I plan to keep blogging here for another 16 months. It would be no fun, talking to myself until then.

On the plus side, my Agora Project review is now very popular. No idea where readers are coming from, but it's good to know people care. Ripen Forth has been doing well, too, especially after the latest update. I'll work on it more, promise, while I'm on a coding bent. Other revivals took priority for now, is all.

While on the subject of web apps, I've been using my new Shaarli instance more than anything else I installed on the site recently. Not so much the mobile app, go figure. And speaking of Agora Project, I've been using another instance more than my own. It's just more fun with a few friends.

(A day later.) Looking at my server stats again, it turns out I "only" lost enough followers to notice. It's hard to tell exactly by how much the newsfeed is read. Just that it's a hit. Guess it can't be helped.

In other news, my old Forth interpreter tutorial is still popular. Just like the new ones on my other website. I really need to write another book about this, because the one about Basic doesn't sell anymore, but I'd need a lot more material to work with first.

Also, people are still finding my old Gopher client. How many feature phones are still in use?! Got to look into it one of these days, for the nostalgia factor at least.

But first to take another month's break from this blog. Maybe I'll be in a better place come June. See you around.


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