Age of Opinions



You know why operating systems suck?

Try to discuss operating systems with anyone, the result is always a flame war.

You know why programming languages suck?

Try to discuss programming languages at all, the only result is a flame war.

You know why text editors suck?

Try to have a serious discussion about them... yep, you've guessed it.

Repead ad nauseam. About file formats. IM protocols. Hardware architectures.

We live in a day and age when trying to discuss the relative merits and failings of anything only results in everyone YELLING at you. Because their favorite [insert noun] is perfect and above any criticism. (Unless they happen to hate it, then it's the devil and can't possibly have any redeeming qualities at all, ever.) This is especially true of proprietary products for some reason. What, haven't you heard? Open source is strictly a matter of abstract morality with no bearing on practical matters like code quality or interoperable standards. Yes, people still believe that in 2019, and it's scary.

Worse, in recent decades we've gradually developed a culture where it's perfectly all right to have an opinion. The less founded, the better. But you just try to bring up facts. Reasonings. Any kind of proper arguments. People will, wait for it, YELL at you. Reason tends to clash with comfortable lies, you see. And people would rather have comfort than a grasp on reality, that would allow them to do something about their problems.

Taking action makes people responsible, you see. Worse, having knowledge to act upon and refusing to act also makes people responsible. And people fear responsibility more than death. Often literally.

But boo-hoo, everything sucks! Why can't anyone seem to make things better?

We tried. And you YELLED at us. Now sleep in the bed you've made.


Tags: technology, culture, critique