Science Fiction

As of 10 January 2019, most of the longer stories have been moved to the main website.

My writing


It's an ordinary day at the beach until a stranger shows up... and nothing will ever be the same again.
The Watch
short, surreal story with a dash of magic realism, based on a dream.
Silence of the Sky
900-word vignette about loneliness and purpose, technically set in my far-future universe.


Dead of Night
A horror vignette I came up with in a nightmare, and wrote down breathlessly before breakfast.
Dragon's Wish
Flash fiction of the low fantasy persuasion, based on Shanri's original premise.
The Wolf With the Red Cap
a Rule 63 fairy tale based on Kantuck's original premise.
Clouded moon over the waves
little vignette inspired by the fantasy religion of a fictional nation from an online game.

See also Afterlife by Night on the main website.

Old and/or abandoned

The Pack
A friend's post-apocalyptic story loosely based on an idea of mine.
A discussion of science fiction cliches
Just what it says on the tin; focus is on space opera.
Conversion tables and calculators
Useful conversions for sci-fi fans and (especially) writers.



Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
My first meeting with post-singularity fiction.
Terms of Service reviewed
A Creative Commons fantasy novel.
Olaf Stapledon And The Future That Was and Last and First Men revisited
A two-part review of the titular book.
Late to the party: Interview with the Vampire
Yes, I finally got around to reading this particular classic.


What Nobody Ever Says About Avatar
Self-explanatory; not quite a review.
The I, Robot movie: bad, yet interesting
Just what it says on the tin.
So, I went to see Inception...
A few thoughts on the titular movie.
Brave Story, a paradoxical anime
And yet again I comment on a movie with ups and downs.


The Cosmic Star
When you try to show off how smart you are, make sure you know your stuff.
Gen and the dragon king
Fresh, original fantasy with an East Asian theme.
Replay comic review
Manga about a young couple in a demon apocalypse.


Back in the 1990es
Youth science fiction in Bucharest
History of a Star Trek Club
There were at least two in Bucharest in the 1990es; this is about the one I was in.

Sci-fi by friends

The Universe, by Mark Burger
A pastiche of 1950s B-series science fiction movies with an intriguing premise.