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Updates for 2014-08-22:

It was a most unpleasant surprise to discover that Google does not in fact index my sci-fi writing page. On the plus side, it turns out there were no links to my Smashwords profile in Google's index, which means I could safely change my username, and the URL with it. Matter of branding, you see. Make the URL match the page title, and generally separate my online identities. Not that any of them is a secret. It's just less confusing for people and search engines alike.

Still in the way of writing, I'm enjoying the hell out of my new keyboard, an ultra-slim (and compact) E-Blue Delgado which cost less than $10 in a brick-and-mortar store. Ironically, I just started writing fiction again... on my tablet, using the software keyboard. Which works much better than expected -- lack of distractions is the main factor, it seems.

Now, where did that muse of mine go? She was supposed to be back from vacation...

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My writing

Near future

a vignette based on an older, abandoned story. Near-future (almost) science fiction.
Gray World
cyberpunk story expanding on the aforementioned vignette.
Low Bandwidth
second story in the Gray World series.

Medium future

Sufficiently Advanced Technology
A story that bridges my cyberpunk and science-fantasy settings.
Parole Planet
A rather different perspective on the same transitional setting.

Far future

Bazaar in the stars
A short story I wrote on a whim and had unexpected success with. Transhuman science-fantasy.
Arrow in the Sky
Prequel to Bazaar in the Stars; based on a friend's characters and outline.
Second Contact
Short surreal piece based in the same setting.
Distant Encounters
Much longer sequel to Second Contact.


Dead of Night
A horror vignette I came up with in a nightmare, and wrote down breathlessly before breakfast.
Afterlife by Night
A long in the making urban fantasy novella, or "paranormal bromance" as I like to call it.
Little Magic
A novelette that straddles the line between straight fantasy and planetary romance.


Alpha Camp and Return to Alpha Camp, two stories in a shared setting, hosted elsewhere for a number of reasons.

Old and/or abandoned

The Pack
A friend's post-apocalyptic story loosely based on an idea of mine.
A discussion of science fiction cliches
Just what it says on the tin; focus is on space opera.
Conversion tables and calculators
Useful conversions for sci-fi fans and (especially) writers.

The Last Ambassador is an unfinished cyberpunk/post-singularity novella.

(Hopefully I'll write parts 4, 5 and 6 before the Singularity.)



Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
My first meeting with post-singularity fiction.
Terms of Service reviewed
A Creative Commons fantasy novel.
Olaf Stapledon And The Future That Was and Last and First Men revisited
A two-part review of the titular book.
Late to the party: Interview with the Vampire
Yes, I finally got around to reading this particular classic.


What Nobody Ever Says About Avatar
Self-explanatory; not quite a review.
The I, Robot movie: bad, yet interesting
Just what it says on the tin.
So, I went to see Inception...
A few thoughts on the titular movie.
Brave Story, a paradoxical anime
And yet again I comment on a movie with ups and downs.


Back in the 1990es
Youth science fiction in Bucharest
History of a Star Trek Club
There were at least two in Bucharest in the 1990es; this is about the one I was in.

Sci-fi by friends

Too Good To Be True, by Wesley Clifford
Humor and suspense in a Traveler-esque universe.
Underground, by Kelketek RritaĆ”
A bunker civilization... a conspiracy... an unlikely hero.
The Universe, by Mark Burger
A pastiche of 1950s B-series science fiction movies with an intriguing premise.


is a space opera fictional universe with a hard SF flavor. It is mainly the setting of an RPG I hosted on a forum. A previous iteration was the basis of my first text adventure (which was never finished).
The Improbables
is my first attempt to a superhero setting. It's designed with roleplaying in mind.
Kind Of Magical
is the working name for an intended urban fantasy setting.

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