Sci-fi / Science Fiction

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My writing

Near future

a vignette based on an older, abandoned story. Near-future (almost) science fiction.
Gray World
cyberpunk story expanding on the aforementioned vignette.
Low Bandwidth
second story in the Gray World series.

Medium future

Sufficiently Advanced Technology
A story that bridges my cyberpunk and science-fantasy settings.
Parole Planet
A rather different perspective on the same transitional setting.

Far future

Bazaar in the stars
A short story I wrote on a whim and had unexpected success with. Transhuman science-fantasy.
Arrow in the Sky
Prequel to Bazaar in the Stars; based on a friend's characters and outline.
Second Contact
Short surreal piece based in the same setting.
Distant Encounters
Much longer sequel to Second Contact.


Dead of Night
A horror vignette I came up with in a nightmare, and wrote down breathlessly before breakfast.
Afterlife by Night
A long in the making urban fantasy novella, or "paranormal bromance" as I like to call it.
Little Magic
A novelette that straddles the line between straight fantasy and planetary romance.


Alpha Camp and Return to Alpha Camp, two stories in a shared setting, hosted elsewhere for a number of reasons.

Old and/or abandoned

The Pack
A friend's post-apocalyptic story loosely based on an idea of mine.
A discussion of science fiction cliches
Just what it says on the tin; focus is on space opera.
Conversion tables and calculators
Useful conversions for sci-fi fans and (especially) writers.

The Last Ambassador is an unfinished cyberpunk/post-singularity novella.

(Hopefully I'll write parts 4, 5 and 6 before the Singularity.)



Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
My first meeting with post-singularity fiction.
Terms of Service reviewed
A Creative Commons fantasy novel.
Olaf Stapledon And The Future That Was and Last and First Men revisited
A two-part review of the titular book.
Late to the party: Interview with the Vampire
Yes, I finally got around to reading this particular classic.


What Nobody Ever Says About Avatar
Self-explanatory; not quite a review.
The I, Robot movie: bad, yet interesting
Just what it says on the tin.
So, I went to see Inception...
A few thoughts on the titular movie.
Brave Story, a paradoxical anime
And yet again I comment on a movie with ups and downs.


Back in the 1990es
Youth science fiction in Bucharest
History of a Star Trek Club
There were at least two in Bucharest in the 1990es; this is about the one I was in.

Sci-fi by friends

Too Good To Be True, by Wesley Clifford
Humor and suspense in a Traveler-esque universe.
Underground, by Kelketek RritaĆ”
A bunker civilization... a conspiracy... an unlikely hero.
The Universe, by Mark Burger
A pastiche of 1950s B-series science fiction movies with an intriguing premise.


is a space opera fictional universe with a hard SF flavor. It is mainly the setting of an RPG I hosted on a forum. A previous iteration was the basis of my first text adventure (which was never finished).
The Improbables
is my first attempt to a superhero setting. It's designed with roleplaying in mind.
Kind Of Magical
is the working name for an intended urban fantasy setting.

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