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Programming / Lessons From Web Development

I've been a professional web developer for over 13 years now. Technology has progressed, fashions have come and gone, expectations have changed accordingly. Time and again, however, I see projects running into the same carbon copy problems. I've ranted about this before, but every time I find more variations on the same theme. This time I found them all in a single project.

The most common mistake I see is customers asking for features because they've heard a website is supposed to have them. Don't. Your website isn't there for the sake of it. Keep your objectives in mind.


Programming / Seeing the light of version control

(Originally written on 30 June 2007. Revised on 25 October 2008.)

This article is dedicated to all the programmers who are still not using a version control system. I know you are out there; I was one of you mere weeks ago. But that has changed, and believe me, it's a world of difference.


Programming / Missing The Point Of Programming

This is in response to a lambda-the-ultimate post on literate programming, in which they wonder why it never caught on. Now, there are several possible answers to that question, and they give one or two good ones. But I think they are ultimately missing the point.

See, the idea of literate programming was born out of the well-meaning but ultimately misguided notion that programming is hard because of the notation. It's the same thinking that gave us pseudocode and UML. Did I mention 4GL languages? No, I didn't, because that particular idea died, thankfully, before I could be exposed to it (being young does have advantages, you know). The others survived enough for me to learn about them and to use them with abandon for a while. Then I asked myself a simple question. Why am I writing all my programs twice?


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