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I've long wanted to build my own imaginary universe. I grew up with Star Wars and Star Trek, and I love them both. But I was never totally happy with any of them. Star Wars can be too grandiose and at the same time too grim. Star Trek has never been daring enough, and its inconsistencies are annoying: declared speeds never add up with times and distances, phasers can punch through solid rock but not packing crates and so on.

How can I succeed where others have failed? Tolkien gave me the answer: draw a map first then build the story around it. Speeds and distances, ship capabilities, timelines... everything must be designed to match right from the start. If a story needs an established fact to be different, well, change the story; it will be the better for that.

There is one more goal I have with the Megan Space: to do away with a number of tiresome clich├ęs:

  • the Earth should not be special in any way;
  • many sentient species should be non-humanoid;
  • not everyone should have the same technology;
  • there should be more than a handful of interesting planets;
  • the vastness of space should be acknowledged.

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