Wiki FAQ

What is a wiki?

See a link labeled "Edit" next to the main text? That means any page on this website can be edited with just one click. Moreover, pages can be added and reorganized on the fly. There's no quicker way to work with a website. That's what "wiki" means.

Now, if you try here, the wiki will ask for a password. Used to be, anyone could edit one of these without needing permission, but nowadays there are too many spammers around.

How could this ever work at all?

I could be lazy and send you to Why Wiki Works or Praise of Wiki, but here's the short version: if they could be bothered to read so far, people likely had a genuine interest in improving the site, as opposed to ruining it. Besides, on a wiki edits are easier to revert than to make. That's a big part of what they are.

Isn't this like Wikipedia?

Yes and no. Wikipedia is a public service, and mostly about fact. My wiki is private, and mostly about fiction. But they are both wikis.

So, can I have the editor password?

If I know you, yes, probably. Contact me through one of the usual channels. There are no user accounts, but you can (and should!) sign your edits with a name of your choice.

How to create new pages?

Easy, you link to the desired page from one that already exists, then follow the link to create it. This has a couple of advantages:

  • Your page can be found immediately by other visitors.
  • Its purpose is obvious from the context - less explanations needed.

Ok, but how do I make a link? Or a heading? Or...

A wiki uses a special syntax, almost, but not entirely unlike BBCode. See BasicEditing and TextFormattingRules for details. Actually, there are links to them (and more) below the edit box when you work on a page. If you have enabled Javascript, the buttons above said edit box may be of some help, too.