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What is a wiki?

See a link labeled "Edit" in the menu above? That means you, the visitor, can change the content. So can anybody else. Go ahead, follow the link. You'll understand.

Now, you'll notice the wiki asks for a password... which is displayed in the sidebar. It's there to protect against spambots, not humans. Also, you'll have to sign your edits. Use a nickname if you want, just be consistent.

How can this work at all?

I could be lazy and send you to Why Wiki Works or Praise of Wiki, but here's the short version: if you've bothered to read this far, chances are you're genuinely interested in improving this site, as opposed to ruining it. Same goes for any wiki out there. Besides, edits can be easily reverted.

Isn't this like Wikipedia?

Yes and no. Wikipedia is all about fact. My wiki is mostly about fiction. But they are both wikis.

Feel free to reference Wikipedia articles whenever appropriate; duplicating effort is not practical. Do it like this: Wikipedia:Wiki

How to create new pages?

Easy, you link to them from an existing page, then follow the link to create the new page. This has several advantages:

  • Your page can be found immediately by other visitors.
  • Its purpose is obvious from the context - less explanations needed.

Ok, but how do I make a link? Or a heading? Or...

A wiki uses a special syntax, almost, but not entirely unlike BBCode. See BasicEditing and TextFormattingRules for details. Actually, there are links to them (and more) below the edit box when you work on a page. If you have enabled Javascript, the buttons above said edit box may be of some help, too.


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