Odd Muse

Started in 2003 as a fork of another app called UseMod, OddMuse is among the oldest engines still in active development, and one that shares DNA with Wikipedia itself. It requires no database, but installation involves creating a couple of configuration files, and knowing your way around a web server.

Some important features:

  • The core is just one Perl script, but it comes packaged with 230 plugins!
  • System requirements are just Perl and CGI, meaning it will run on any cPanel-powered host, and many others besides.
  • Built-in comment system, with a nice submission form.
  • You can customize the looks just by editing a plain CSS file. Somewhat inflexible, but very easy.
  • Written with security in mind.


  • Images are encoded as base64 and stored as ordinary pages, which has advantages but inflates both page count and database size.