Interactive Fiction

Like many people my age, I first discovered text adventures on 8-bit home computers, in my case via The Hobbit (Melbourne House, 1983). That was in the early 1990s. In 2004 or so I discovered modern interactive fiction, and in 2006 I became active in the community. You can find out more about that part from my IFDB profile and my IFWiki page; as of 2016, I'm also on

My reviews

(Consider all three under a Creative Commons Attribution license.)

My games

More recently, I made a small walking simulator called Still Alone, using the Bitsy Game Maker. It's an interactive vignette about love, work, and priorities in life. Initially meant as a derivative of Escape From Cnossus, it ended up being something else entirely, though it still reuses many of the same tiles, while improving on the original aesthetics.

My authoring systems

Apart from games, I wrote a number of experimental authoring systems. One of them was even used by people other than myself.

My articles

Most of my interactive fiction articles are on the No Time To Play wiki, but a few of them were just too specialized; one ended up on the Alan 3 website. The others... didn't. I figure mirroring both here can't hurt, obscure as they may be.