City Of Dead Leaves

City of Dead Leaves is a short, easy interactive fiction mood piece about someone looking for their lost love in a post-apocalyptic city. You’ll need a suitable interpreter (Gargoyle works well) in order to play it. The game comes with source code under the Artistic License 2.0, including a minimal standard library you can use to make your own. Beware of spoilers!

A little background: City of Dead Leaves started life as my home area on Puggy MUSH, itself based on a very vivid dream I could never quite forget, and was ported to several other virtual worlds, including Seltani. Then it occurred to me that I could drape a narrative layer over the map and make it available to a wider audience. This is the result.

Play online

As of 15 Nov 2016, there’s a Texture edition (also available on and on This edition is now canonical.


Story file and source code: (55K). Also available from the IFArchive.