Felix Writes: The Long Road To Tolerance

DigitalThoughts / The Long Road To Tolerance

Each year on November 20 it's the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Yes, I'm a straight male. But I live in a country where people have literally thrown stones at the first Gay Parade. A country where I've been mocked and threatened with beatings simply for wearing long hair. Sounds awful?

Turns out, in other countries human beings get killed for such things. Or driven to suicide. And some people complain about racism?

I thought I knew what it meant to be shunned. But I've recently known several transgender people. Good people, fun and smart. Real friends. Yet when time came to tell me what they were, every single one of them feared my reaction. As if I could have changed my mind about them over such a silly little thing.

Now I know why. They've been burned way too often.

You'd think international organizations would take notice. Even formal declarations against this kind of discrimination would be better than nothing. Turns out, you can do less than nothing. Thanks, United Nations! Once again, you're proving to be painfully useless.

Luckily, some people care. Count me among them.

P.S. A friend points me to the It Gets Better Project. Turns out, we can help.