On Arrogance

I'm tired.

I'm tired of explaining people that no, their uninformed, unverified opinions are not equally valid to decades of scientific research.

I'm tired of explaining that computers aren't magical. They can't read your mind, make decisions for you or generally perform miracles.

I'm tired of people refusing to understand that no, you can't have everything at once, and yes, there's such a thing as compromise.

This isn't elitism. This isn't arrogance. This isn't laziness.

This is common sense. And too many people seem to have lost every last shred of it, if they ever had any.

They say medical doctors are arrogant. But have you stopped to consider what it means to study hard for 6 long years, and then practice for 2 more, before you can even begin calling yourself a doctor? And do you think they stop there? Oh no. Doctors go right on learning all their lives. So do geeks. And artists. And programmers.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

People keep comparing computers to cars. But do you expect cars to drive themselves? How about reading your mind and knowing where to go? Or go 300KpH when you happen to be in a hurry? How do you think an engineer from Mercedes would react if you went to them with such expectations?

Next time you feel like arguing with an expert, at least do your homework first. And no, money can't bend the laws of nature. Nor do they allow you to be a jerk.