How Much Gun Control Laws Really Help

March 2012: in a fit of jealousy, a cop enters a hair stylist shop and shoots a dozen people (including his wife). Half of them end up dead.

An even worse incident happened twelve years prior, when a soldier on duty shot everyone in his company, and then himself. No survivors.

Mobsters routinely settle accounts with hunting rifles and illegal handguns. The latter are also used in robberies. Service weapons and -- again -- hunting rifles also discharge accidentally quite often.

Sounds like a country with poor gun control, right?

WRONG. This is Romania, a country with overly strict gun control laws. How strict? A regular Joe can at most get a compressed air gun, for which you need a permit, psychological exam, clean police record and so on. Oh, and you have to keep it at home in a locked safe.

Moreover, both the police and the general populace consider illegal gun ownership a Very Serious Crime(TM). You can't get away with it.

Except, you know, it happens all the time.

Look, I don't want to fear for my life when I go to get a haircut, or see a movie. But more laws and more crackdowns obviously don't help.

Next time you hear an idiot clamoring for more police, more control, more more more, remind them that it's gut instinct that leads animals into traps. Believe me, I used to live in a police state. It was much less safe than modern Romania.