Felix Writes: Has Google jumped the shark?

DigitalThoughts / Has Google jumped the shark?


You know, it occurs to me that Google is making mistake after mistake as of late:

  • Closing down Reader, possibly their only genuine killer app.
  • Pissing off video creators with YouTube's takedown policy.
  • Making Android development more restrictive just as Firefox OS and Ubuntu for phones and tablets are about to hit the market.
  • Letting search result quality degrade while DuckDuckGo gains in popularity, at least among the Internet-savvy.
  • Plus turning out to be just another Facebook.

Of course, that hardly signals the beginning of the end. Just look at Microsoft's seemingly endless decline. But I think Google may be starting to bleed mindshare soon, and that's the real currency of the Internet.

Edit: just one day later, Google censors AdBlock Plus on Android. And while I understand their dislike of ad blocking (I carry ads on my websites, and never made a cent, nor did I achieve anything by paying for advertising myself), people have a right to control their own computing devices. And while Google went out of their way to make their ads unobtrusive -- unlike all the idiots who ruined online advertising for the rest of us during the 2000s -- they're also notoriously terrible at auto-targeting. So that's a good way for them to lose even more friends.