And you thought "wage slave" was a metaphor

You know all those science-fiction movies where prisoners wear a shock collar or other device that can be used to monitor where they're going and electrocute them if they try to escape or do anything else their guardians disapprove of? Such as expressing dissent?

Well, according to an Irish newspaper (and I hope they don't sue me) it's no longer sci-fi. Well, apart from the electrical shocks, thankfully. But imagine being fired because you've spent more time in the bathroom than prescribed by a constipated boss, after years of working your ass off. That would come as quite a shock, don't you think?

But at least those warehouse employees can walk away in principle. Young graduates in the UK don't have that luxury. You know how in any civilized country (even Romania!) they're entitled to unemployment benefits? Well, in the UK they must now accept a "voluntary" job where they're not paid, AND show proof that they've been looking for work at the same time. Which can prove to be impossible when you've been sent to toil at a farm outside the city. I happen to know someone in this situation, which is why I was happy to learn from the Guardian that a court of law has declared the practice illegal.

No wonder more and more people become freelancers. But that's hard for someone who's been educated and conditioned since childhood to become a nice little sheep, er, employee. And now governments everywhere are abandoning them.

Your future is in your hands. Don't wait for help, especially not from a faceless bureaucracy.

Edit: turns out I missed one: -- the URL says it all. Happy work day.