Out of beta



Okay, this should be the last one for a while. Because this is 2020, it's now possible to enter alt text for the site logo in config. On the other hand, if you want to add an image for link previews, that's up to you. Or a page icon, for that matter.

Also, after trying a few different ways to speed up the loading of raw content, I only managed to make it even slower, while code quality got worse. So that's a no. Besides, it loads like 10 posts a second, if not more, and that's on my PC from the other decade. How fast should I want it?

Last but not least, as no new bugs showed up since last time, I decided to take it out of beta. Enjoy Statickle 1.2 and see you, uh, when I manage to write some documentation.

Edit: meanwhile I figured out why loading raw content is already as speedy as it can be. With the modern practice of writing each paragraph as a single long line (letting word wrap do its job), splitting at blank lines only doesn't have any real advantage, and adds overheard on top. What does help is keeping post summaries short, assuming the theme lends itself to it.


Tags: features, development