Options ahoy!



Early update! After a shorter break than expected, I'm back with the promised command-line options and a little more error checking. As the additions haven't seen much testing, Statickle remains in alpha status for now.

In unrelated news, server logs show a fair number of visits to this page, so: hello! Thanks for checking out my newest toy. It's coming along, promise. Next I should probably try to at least put a README in the package, so people can contact me more easily. A manual page will have to wait.

Edit: Oops! testing with real data revealed that loading posts is very slow. As a first attempt to fix that went poorly, I had to go with a tiny speed-up for now, and added a progress indicator to compensate, that would have been useful anyway.

Known bug: a post with no tags still shows an empty "Tags:" line.


Tags: features, bugs