One after another



Didn't expect to have another release after just one day, but migrating my other blog revealed yet more issues, then I had an idea, and one thing led to another. Version 1.1 is now up, and has a bunch of changes:

  • the Description field in post/page metadata is now honored (good thing it wasn't documented yet);
  • post slugs are now escaped properly in more places, just in case;
  • a copy of the Ramus theme, as seen on my personal blog, is now included as an option.

The last change requires a bit of an explanation. It's now easier to switch themes because assets can be given as:

  - "*.css"
  - "*.png"
  - "*.jpg"

or indeed the single glob pattern "*.{css,jpg,png}" that's now the default. That should cover most common cases, so you shouldn't need to change it for every new theme anymore. As a bonus, existing config files should still work.

Next: metadata improvements, and then hopefully some performance tuning. Stay close!


Tags: bugs, themes