Manual page and a fix



Gaaah! I can't believe the download link for the latest version has been broken for almost three weeks! Good thing I finally got around to writing the manual. Head over to the download page to see. Otherwise, not much changed; Statickle 1.2 performs perfectly well in production and does everything I need for now. It still needs a read-me file in the archive, so people know where to send feature requests or whatever.

A not-so-great thing is that I'm starting to see a fundamental problem with static site generators: they simply deal poorly with even moderate amounts of content, let alone a lot of it. Good thing I had already decided to slow down, because my blogs couldn't take much more in any event. Various tricks can help, but ultimately the typical SSG is a dead end. More research is in order, but frankly? Might as well buckle down and just make websites in whatever way.

At least this particular blog is tiny and likely to remain so. See you around.


Tags: documentation, bugs