The very first release



I was too tired last night to write this: exactly 10 days after development started (and two decades since last using Tcl in any real capacity), Statickle has its first public release! It's probably fragile, and only works in one fixed way, so beware. At the last moment, I gave up on trying to write a second script to setup new projects, and instead opted to simply package Statickle together with a starter bundle of files. Code comments will have to be updated, but at least I only have to do it once now.

Plans for the immediate future involve adding command-line options, a lot more checks, and stress-testing with copies of my bigger blogs, to make sure this thing works under real-world conditions. Which in turn will involve making more themes.

But first, a break, because I'm tired and my other projects need attention too. Thanks for reading, and watch this space!


Tags: meta