Welcome to Statickle, a static site generator without a twist. Yes, another one. Statickle doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. On the contrary, it works in familiar ways, being inspired by tools like BashBlog and Pelican. In fact, it was created to replace the former, minus some limitations, while preserving its famed simplicity. Such as how it keeps everything in one folder (by default), that you can just upload to the web server as-is, scripts and all.

Last but not least, Statickle also builds on the experience gained while developing my other, more specialized SSG Clinklog.


Statickle is intended as a blog engine, on the premise that other parts of a website are less in need of automation and can be readily handcrafted. That said, it can do:

  • posts and pages with Markdown support;
  • RSS feed and h-entry markup in the default theme;
  • complete, working built-in theme, easy to change or replace;
  • rich metadata in the default theme;
  • tags and tag archives; also yearly archives.

In the way of limitations, Statickle is for single-author blogs and doesn't handle attached media or other files; you'll have to deal with that manually.


Why Statickle? A few reasons, some of them personal:

  • I wanted to get back into Tcl for a while;
  • there is only one other static site generator for Tcl;
  • Tcl has everything it needs in tcllib, even Markdown support.

Not only this minimizes dependencies, but Tcl is smaller and lighter than Python, and available as stand-alone executables with everything built-in, for many platforms.

Besides, I came up with an awesome name! It would be a shame not to use it.