Items for July 2020

Timezone support added after all

Life is funny. Hours after posting yesterday's update, I figured out how to add timezone support anyway. It may not be entirely correct, but you know what? This stuff is hard. So it goes like this: by default, it works as previously described. But if you happen to have the pytz module installed, it's now possible to add a line like timezone = Europe/Bucharest to the CONFIG section of your .ini file, and it will do what you expect. How cool is that?

Moreover, it should now be possible to add a timezone offset to the pubdate field of any item, in the form +03:00 (with a space). Documentation to follow.

P.S. The RSS feed sticks to UTC for now. Hope that's fine.

Tags: feature

Fixing timezones somewhat

I had plans to add proper timezone support, but that turns out to be an utter mess in Python. So instead I settled for a much simpler scheme: dates and times in the .ini files are assumed to be local to the machine where you compile the blog. In the newsfeed, and only there, they are converted to UTC. Hope this works out for most users.

Tags: bugfix, feature