Items for June 2020

Announcing Clinklog 2.0.1

Oh, would you look at that. Turns out I'd been using rel="tag" wrong the entire time, because the rel attribute applies to the entire document, not just one fragment thereof. So I changed that to class="p-category" instead, as per the h-entry microformat.

Also, to justify the version bump, Clinklog can now skip over an item with a bad date.

Tags: bugfix

While the default stylesheet was always mobile-friendly, the page template didn't signal this, because there was no way to guarantee that custom CSS would be as well. Now that blog authors can edit templates as well, that's not an issue anymore, so I added the meta viewport element to the generated theme.

Tags: feature

Documentation time

Now that Clinklog is again usable in production, I took the time to write a user guide to help people get started with the new line, since it works differently now. It's a work in progress as of this writing. In particular it doesn't teach how to import old databases.

Tags: documentation

Data import and a couple of bug fixes

This was actually finished yesterday, but I waited to do a test run. Turned out to be a good idea, too: now Clinklog cuts off recent posts correctly, and monthly archives are listed starting from the latest like they're supposed to.

The import script worked fine on first try.

Tags: bugfix, feature

Since Clinklog 2.0 is fully functional now, I decided to make it available early. Use at your own risk! (Only new blogs for now.)

Tags: news, meta

Hello again!

After 17 months, Clinklog is back into active development with the 2.x series. It's not ready for prime time as of this writing; for now, please stick to release 1.6, which is still supported if not actively maintained.

Tags: news, meta