Since AntiWiki runs on your desktop and nobody else can edit your wiki, you can simply use HTML to format pages. That said, a lighter syntax is also included, to make the job easier. For one thing, simply leave a blank line to start a new paragraph. Other helpers include:


Three type of links are included:

[[wiki links]] (in double square brackets)
=> Rocket links (on their own line)
~> screenshot.png Image links, with alt text

Wiki links always point to other pages on the wiki, and can't be relabeled; simply use HTML for advanced effects. Other link types always take up a whole line (no spaces in front).

More about rocket links, by the way


These make up the bulk of AntiWiki markup:

Any text and markup here.

Same as above.

You can nest them too.

This is a block quote.
-- with a citation

Lists were added in version 1.0:

- this is a list
+ with various types
* of bullets

- and also a numbered list

Block markup must start and end on a line of its own to be picked up. You can make blocks of literal text like this:

 (without a space in front)

You can also have literal text inline, between double curly braces.

It looks {{like this}}.

Last but not least, a line made only of 3-5 dashes like this: --- becomes a horizontal rule.


As of version 1.1, AntiWiki supports MediaWiki-style tables (vertical layout only):

 |+ Caption
 ! Header A
 ! Header B
 | Cell A1
 | Cell B1

Which renders as:

Header A Header B
Cell A1 Cell B1

Unlike with most other wiki syntax, a leading space is required on lines within a table: the vertical bars must align! See also the Wikipedia help on tables.


Not much to say here:

## Second-level heading
### Third-level heading
#title Display title for the page

That's pretty much it!