As of late June 2022, AntiWiki is largely complete and self-hosting (this site is made with it). It appears stable, but could use more testing. Back up your data just in case.

AntiWiki 1.2.1 (16 July 2022), 17K
AntiWiki 1.2 (25 June 2022), 40K



AntiWiki is open source under the MIT License; logo under CC-BY. See inside the archive for details and contact information.

System requirements

AntiWiki requires a Python runtime. Python comes preinstalled on the Mac and most Linux distributions; Windows users can get it from the website. You'll also need the Tkinter module, which is bundled with most Windows runtimes and preinstalled on the Mac. On Linux you might need to add it yourself: look in your package manager for something called "tkinter", "python-tk" or the like.

Minimum Python version is 3.x (sorry). Recommended screen resolution: 800x600.