Wiki properties

Each wiki has a number of customizable properties (first option in the View menu):

Site name (default: AntiWiki)
shown in the title bar and instead of the logo
Site icon (default: N/A)
address of an image file to use
Site logo (default: N/A)
as above, except shown at the top of each page
Stylesheet (default: N/A)
address of a .css file to use
if absent, a small built-in stylesheet will be embedded
Viewport (default: width=device-width)^
tells mobile browsers how far to zoom into the site
the default is set for the built-in template and stylesheet
Homepage (default: index.html)
what address the site logo will link to
doesn't have to be an actual page on the site
Main menu (default: Menubar)
what page to use as the site menu; ignored if not present
Sidebar (default: Sidebar)
what page to use as the sidebar; ignored if not present^^
Page footer (default: Footer)
what page to use as the site footer; ignored if not present
Date format (default: %d %B %Y %H:%M %Z)^
how to display dates in exported pages

^) advanced settings; if unsure, leave them alone
^^) the built-in template doesn't have a sidebar; ignored by default

Custom templates

While AntiWiki comes with a built-in template for exporting web pages, it can also use a custom one if provided. Templates can only use variables, placed in curly braces, like {title}. Optionally special HTML characters can be escaped, like this: {title:escape}. This conflicts with inline styles and scripts.

Variables defined as of version 0.5 alpha:

^^^) the stylesheet becomes either a <link> element or else an inline <style>