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Software I use to get stuff done:

Android apps

Client for Mastodon, Pleroma or any other compatible service. Much lighter than its main competitor (though not exactly light as such).
Outliner using Org Mode as an interchange format. Hands-down one of the most useful Android apps out there. Very friendly, too. It helps to know a few things about the underlying file format, for example how to set a notebook title and what drawers are.
Mobile browser with many options, that looks a lot like Midori except it's noticeably smaller and doesn't track you. Has a Material Design user interface that can be optimized for use with thumbs.
Android simple generic text editor
Just "Editor" for friends, it's an app as tiny as it is useful, with many features otherwise found in others ten times larger.
Text Fiction
Z-Machine interpreter with a chat-like UI. Elegant and lightweight. Has its own game store and can also import downloaded story files.
Ghost Commander
Orthodox file manager with excellent connectivity features. Lacks an internal text editor, so you'll have to install one for F4 to work.
Modern client for the Gopher protocol. Supports a bunch of unofficial extensions. You'll want a big screen for ASCII art.
Mobile client for the eponymous cloud software. Incredibly useful. Does way more than just sync.
Just what it says on the tin. Gorgeous card art if you have a big device, but scales to tiny screens just as well. Many games and options.

Many others that don't have a homepage. Dear programmers: get a proper homepage for your projects. GitHub doesn't count.

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