Reviewing Gen and the dragon king

You know the kind of fantasy webcomic that starts with a lengthy prologue, droning on and on about gods and magic without saying anything important or fun? It’s refreshing to see a story that gets it right. Doubly so as Gen and the Dragon King has an East Asian theme – which is already uncommon – and handles it right for a change, without the usual stereotypes.

See, magic should be strange and wondrous. It should be scarce and fickle. And it should do things engineering cannot, otherwise what’s the point? Too many fantasy authors devise overly intricate magic systems that end up feeling mechanistic, and don’t even have the mystery present in the motions of a clock’s exposed gears.

Don’t make that mistake. Leave some room for miracles in your world, else you’re better off writing hard sci-fi. And you know how dry and boring that can be.