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Mostly Harmless

About the use of videogames as military propaganda and how that makes everyone responsible, from developers to journalists.

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Scoop: Israel tells UN to evacuate the northern Gaza Strip within 24 hours

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Spartans Were Losers

The U.S. military’s admiration of a proto-fascist city-state is based on bad history.

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Nuclear War Would Cause a Global Famine and Kill Billions, Rutgers-Led Study Finds

Even a nuclear conflict between new nuclear states would decimate crop production and result in widespread starvation

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Ukrainians watch astonished at Groundhog Day blunders

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Wartime Is a Bad Time To Mess With the Internet

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No need to declare captured Russian tanks, other equipment of invaders as income – NAPC

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It’s incorrect to say there was no resistance to safety measures around the Blitz

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Combat experiments reveal fighting techniques of Bronze-Age warriors

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U.S. Military Could Collapse Within 20 Years Due to Climate Change, Report Commissioned By Pentagon Says

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Groundbreaking Report Gives Us a Glimpse of the US Military’s Gigantic Carbon Footprint

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Ultra-rare discovery reveals how ancient Celtic warriors fought – 2,400 years ago

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Hussite Wars 1419-1434 - European Wars of Religion

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Why A German Pilot Escorted An American Bomber To Safety During World War II

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Astonishing, rare images of the Vietnam War from the winning side

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The Real "No-Go Zone" of France: A Forbidden No Man's Land Poisoned by War

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Old Tech, New Tech (Syria)

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Check Out These Gorgeous Color Photos From World War II

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“Download this gun”: 3D-printed semi-automatic fires over 600 rounds

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