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A new view of the Manchester Computer

Seventy five years ago, the University’s ‘Baby’ computer became the first electronic computer with a read/write memory to run a program. To mark this historic event, Professor Jim Miles (University of Manchester Department of Computer Science) describes how a definitive new image of the Manchester computer was recreated using rediscovered original negatives.

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Pelé, Brazil’s mighty king of ‘beautiful game,’ has died

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'The Color Of Dreams': Museum Releases Photos Of A Vanished World

Stunning color images recently made available in high resolution by a French museum capture much of the world as it was transformed by technology and geopolitics 100 years ago.

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The Bizarre Copyright Battle Over Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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We Spoke With the Last Person Standing in the Floppy Disk Business

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Eriko Tamura: Oz

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Volkswriter Deluxe: The Most Popular Word Processor for the IBM Personal Computer (according to the ad)

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Toys of a Forgotten Generation

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Revisiting the INMOS Transputer

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Analyzing Every Second of the Classic Dial-Up Modem Sound

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A look at the Irish: photography in Ireland from 1839 to now – in pictures

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The Time Traveler Who Hunted Speed Records in an EV

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70 years since LEO, the ‘world’s first business computer’.

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A Forgotten Humanist Photographer of Paris

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Street Views

Long, stunning dive into the history of urban photography at the intersection of technology and society.

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Old-school computing: when your lab PC is ancient

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Read this before you buy a Soviet camera

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This badass Edinburgh photo shows two ladies in long dresses and hats rock climbing in the 1900s

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Silicon Graphics: Gone But Not Forgotten

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By Our Powers Combined …

How the webring became the grassroots tool of choice for sharing content online in the ’90s.

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Photographer Updates Postcards Of 1960s Resorts Into Their Abandoned Ruins

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A circuit board from the Saturn V rocket, reverse-engineered and explained

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Backstage at the Paris Opera House in 1937

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This Is What Beirut Was Like Before The War

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Software woven into wire: Core rope and the Apollo Guidance Computer

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Typewriter Art of the Silent Stars!

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The Story Behind Paris’ Iconic Art Nouveau Metro Entrances

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Cemetery of Soviet computers

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What Does It Take to Keep a Classic Mainframe Alive?

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Winamp 5.8 Media Player Released in All Its Nostalgic Glory

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The Silicon Valley quest to preserve Stephen Hawking’s voice

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The Vintage Beauty Of Soviet Control Rooms

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Demons Licking Your Toes

An Early 20th Century Manuscript from Isfahan

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200+ Posters From the Golden Age of Graphic Design Are Now Free to Download

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Somebody Peeled 30 Years Of Graffiti, And This Is What Was Underneath

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Videotapes Are Becoming Unwatchable As Archivists Work To Save Them

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Gustav Wunderwald’s Paintings of Weimar Berlin

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The Balanced Ternary Machines of Soviet Russia

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Perl and the birth of the dynamic web

The fascinating story of Perl's role in the dynamic web spans newsgroups and mailing lists, computer science labs, and continents.

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Interesting Photos of Computer Stores in the 1970s and 1980s

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Seldom-seen photos show what America looked like in the 1940s…in color

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Scene at MIT: Margaret Hamilton’s Apollo code

A brief history of the famous 1969 photo of the software that sent humans to the moon.

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The NYPL's Map Expert Explains This "Wondrous" Map Of 1920s Manhattan

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Big computers, big hair: the women of Bell Labs in the 1960s

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Haunting chalkboard drawings, frozen in time for 100 years, discovered in Oklahoma school

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Whinny and Bo

How can you have an animated cartoon without animators? Capitalism: dreaming of the same things since 1957.

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Surfing Modern Web With Ancient Browsers

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The house that time forgot: Red brick semi is frozen in the 1920s with original decoration, food and furniture untouched for 90 YEARS

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The Writer Automaton, Switzerland

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A look back in time: The GM/Southern Pacific Vert-A-Pac

Remember the Chevrolet Vega and its Pontiac equivalent, the Astre? These cars were shipped long-distance in a rather unusual manner.

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National Archives: Searching for the Seventies

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A Victorian Era Pocket Watch Spy Camera

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The Android of Albertus Magnus

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Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokio (20 pics)

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How I Met George Jetson

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