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Pulpatronics tackles single-use electronics with paper RFID tags

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Marc Andreessen Is Wrong About Everything

The billionaire says he wants to lead a "techno-optimist" revolution. But he's too rich to understand that his belief system is stupid.

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"The boom times are over."

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Apache® Appropriation

It is not uncommon to learn about non-Indigenous entities appropriating Indigenous culture but none of them are as large, prestigious, nor well-known as The Apache® Software Foundation is in software circles.

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A startup says it’s begun releasing particles into the atmosphere, in an effort to tweak the climate

Make Sunsets is already attempting to earn revenue for geoengineering, a move likely to provoke widespread criticism.

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Credit cards as a legacy system

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Age that kids acquire mobile phones not linked to well-being, says Stanford Medicine study

Stanford Medicine researchers did not find a connection between the age children acquired their first cell phone and their sleep patterns, depression symptoms or grades.

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Craftspeople be like, "This is a simple 12-step mechanical repair job, only takes about three hours and common tools you can find in any specialty shop. Anyone can do it."

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New glasses for the deaf and hard of hearing display subtitles while people speak

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This is How the Media is Misleading You on “Technology Addiction”

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Toronto wants to kill the smart city forever

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Your Smartwatch's Heart Rate Monitor Was Developed by a Furry

Dr. David Benaron is an inventor whose team at Stanford laid the groundwork for the optical heart rate monitor. He's also a cheetah named Spottacus.

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Pourquoi les couleurs ont disparu au cinéma ?

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Analyzing Every Second of the Classic Dial-Up Modem Sound

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Cory Doctorow: Science Fiction is a Luddite Literature

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The Future Is Not Only Useless, It’s Expensive

This is how NFTs make me feel: like the future is useless but expensive, and world-altering technology is now in the hands of a culture so aesthetically and spiritually impoverished that it should maybe go back to telling stories around the cooking fire for a while, just to remember how to mean something.

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The Great Offline

The concept of “offline” is built on the earlier concept of “wilderness,” inheriting its flaws and hazards

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Here's Why Movie Dialogue Has Gotten More Difficult To Understand (And Three Ways To Fix It)

There's just one problem with all those excuses: movies aren't real. That's kind of the whole point, the reason why we go in the first place. And as a director, you don't just make stuff for yourself, but for the audience too. Snotty brats.

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We Don’t Have the Right: A Decolonized Approach to Innovation

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Europe must ban Bitcoin mining to hit the 1.5C Paris climate goal, say Swedish regulators

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La montagne de déchets électroniques pèsera cette année plus que la Muraille de Chine

"As of this year, the mountain of electronic waste will weigh more than the Great Wall of China."

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Street Views

Long, stunning dive into the history of urban photography at the intersection of technology and society.

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The race to save indigenous languages using automatic speech recognition

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Why Is German Internet So Bad: True Answer

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The Return of the Automat

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I have one of the most advanced prosthetic arms in the world — and I hate it

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Fostering a culture that values stability and reliability

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The Theremin Is 100 Years Old; Celebrating The Spookiest Of Instruments

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Working off-grid efficiently

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Volunteers produce 3D-printed valves for life-saving coronavirus treatments

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FDA clears ‘world’s first’ portable, low-cost MRI following positive clinical research

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I went to see a movie, and instead I saw the future

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Thomas Dolby's Very Different View Of Progress

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The Gravitational-Wave "Revolution" Is Underway

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Moscow's blockchain voting system cracked a month before election

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How a Cooling Vest Invented by a Furry Made Its Way Into the U.S. Military

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Amputee can feel objects again with prosthetic arm inspired by Luke Skywalker

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Teenager can walk again thanks to Dutch 3D printed spinal implant

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Fitbits, other wearables may not accurately track heart rates in people of color

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Debunked: The absurd story about smartphones causing kids to sprout horns

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Support networking

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These 400-Year-Old Rings Unfold to Reveal Astronomical Spheres

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Vendors must start adding physical on/off switches to devices that can spy on us

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Technology can't prevent hard border in Ireland if Brexit means customs controls, firms told

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The first picture of a black hole opens a new era of astrophysics

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Worry less about children's screen use, parents told

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The Best Technology for Fighting Climate Change Isn't a Technology

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When Mr. Robot is Your Boss: Working under algorithms

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Peter Jackson Restored, Colorized 100 Hours of World War I Footage

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Hologram Concert Tours Are Now a Real Thing, Starting With Roy Orbison

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How To Kill Your Tech Industry

In World War II, Britain invented the electronic computer. By the 1970s, its computing industry had collapsed—thanks to a labor shortage produced by sexism.

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Smartphones Are Killing The Planet Faster Than Anyone Expected

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The Silicon Valley quest to preserve Stephen Hawking’s voice

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Therapy Drones Are Helping Injured Falcons Fly Again

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I Tried Soylent. It Didn’t Go Well.

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People in 1920s Berlin Nightclubs Flirted via Pneumatic Tubes

When real-world stuff is too implausible to put in a movie like Cabaret.

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Women in tech: Why Bulgaria and Romania are leading in software engineering

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Videotapes Are Becoming Unwatchable As Archivists Work To Save Them

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Portable 3D printer builds a tiny house for a tiny price

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The problem with a technology revolution designed primarily for men

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Joshua Browder's Bot for parking tickets

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Big computers, big hair: the women of Bell Labs in the 1960s

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Six Million Dollar Plant: Scientists grow cyborg roses

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Processed meat and cancer – what you need to know

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10 Incredible Stories of Non-CGI Filmmaking

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Selling Out and the Death of Hacker Culture

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Decoding the Medieval Volvelle

Made from circles of paper or parchment, the volvelle was part timepiece, part floppy disk, and part crystal ball

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Bulletproof, fireproof, environmentally friendly homes are being made from plastic bottles

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My Cyborg Ear: How a Surgeon and Titanium Cured My Lifelong Deafness

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lcamtuf's blog: On journeys

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Anouk’s New Creation: Intel Edison Based Spider Dress 2.0

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Man 3-D Prints A Concrete Castle In His Backyard

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The Shitty Secret Behind All Those July 4th Hot Dogs

Factory hog farms dispose of millions of gallons of toxic pig waste every day by storing it in cesspools and spraying it into the air.

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Yours to cut out and keep

Microscopes made of paper may help the diagnosis of tropical diseases

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Brilliant WarkaWater Towers Collect Drinking Water from Thin Air in Ethiopia

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Report from education think tank calls for definition of digital literacy

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Old Tech, New Tech (Syria)

Tags: middle east, war, tech

Scientists invent artificial BLOOD made of water, salt and protein that works in mice

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Nasdaq crash triggers fear of data meltdown

Digital infrastructure exceeding limits of human control, industry experts warn

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The Writer Automaton, Switzerland

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New York City Plans to Fix Its Crumbling Harbors Using 3D-Printed Concrete

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A Brief History of Book Vending Machines

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What Is the Business of Literature?

As technology disrupts the business model of traditional publishers, the industry must imagine new ways of capturing the value of a book.

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“Download this gun”: 3D-printed semi-automatic fires over 600 rounds

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First mind-reading implant gives rats telepathic power

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A Victorian Era Pocket Watch Spy Camera

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The Android of Albertus Magnus

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On Artifacts Future and Past

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Bionic hand makes amputee 'feel human again' – video

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