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Pelé, Brazil’s mighty king of ‘beautiful game,’ has died

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World Cup: German FA taking FIFA to Court of Arbitration for Sport over One Love armband ban

The DFB have told Germany captain Manuel Neuer not to wear the OneLove armband in their opening World Cup match against Japan; A quick decision by CAS ruling against the validity of the ban could mean that he would be able to wear the armband against Spain on Sunday.

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The Games Nobody Wants: How the Winter Olympics Became a Headache for China

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing were supposed to be a triumph for the Chinese government. But the COVID-19 pandemic and diplomatic boycotts have hampered its plans.

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Abolish the Olympics

They’ve long been a financial boondoggle that ruins lives and enriches the corporate class. This year, they might also spread a deadly Covid variant among a largely unvaccinated population.

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This badass Edinburgh photo shows two ladies in long dresses and hats rock climbing in the 1900s

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Scientists Say Chemical Found in Spinach Is Basically a Steroid, Should Be Banned for Athletes

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The Anti-Olympic Torch arrives in Tokyo

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Martial arts and the cycle of bullshit

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Nobody Wants To Host The 2022 Olympics

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