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Silicon Valley’s worldview is not just an ideology; it’s a personality disorder.

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Who gets to survive and 'rewild' themselves?

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We’re overworked, and everyone just needs to lie down

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A Canadian study gave $7,500 to homeless people. Here’s how they spent it.

The results show the power of cash transfers to reduce homelessness.

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You're Not Going to Make It

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Shattering the myth of men as hunters and women as gatherers

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The age of average

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We need reasons to bring justice, but to abuse other people, that's our divine right, isn't it.

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An Open Letter To Men Who Love Women Over 35 — This Is Why We Flinch When You Touch Us

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As its trees come back, Nepal notches a victory against deforestation

Community-managed forests now account for more than one-third of Nepal’s forest cover, which has grown by about 22% since 1988.

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From barristers to refuse collectors, Britons strike en masse

Workers are livid that employers are refusing to pay more against the backdrop of wage-crushing inflation.

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Ross-on-Wye readers are cautious of a cashless society

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Every Batman Movie And The Real-World Fears They Highlight

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sex as a social construct

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Street Views

Long, stunning dive into the history of urban photography at the intersection of technology and society.

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Licenses Alone Do Not Govern Behavior in Open Source

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Black Lives Matter protests have saved lives, study finds

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Maslow Got It Wrong

Read: he deliberately misrepresented Native American teachings to make individualism seem like a good thing rather than the destructive force it is.

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The Great Covid Class War

The pandemic has created the perfect pretext for enacting economically destructive policies.

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You Have No Obligation To Conform To A Wildly Sick Society

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Luxury Ghost Towns

The pandemic proved cities have far too many ultraexpensive apartments. They shouldn’t forget it.

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I went to see a movie, and instead I saw the future

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Climate change: Big lifestyle changes are the only answer

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Advertising is a cancer on society

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Support networking

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The problem with Nobel prizes and the myth of the lone genius

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The Dangers of Elite Projection

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City of Villains: Why I Don’t Trust Batman

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Community bonds, not seawalls, key to minimizing deaths: 3/11 study

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Virginity Is A Social Construct

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