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Puritanism took over online fandom — and then came for the rest of the internet

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Pornhub Blocks All of Utah From Its Site

People in Utah who visit Pornhub will now be greeted by adult performer Cherie DeVille asking them to tell their representatives to change their age verification law.

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The truth about furries: Everything you wanted to know about the furry fandom, from LGBTQ+ furries

There’s a significant LGBTQ+ presence in the furry community – and for many, it was the furry fandom that helped them understand their queer identity.

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New York judge rules in favor of polyamorous relationships

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No Sex for You

Life in the metaverse will be tacky, prudish, and dull

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All EU nations must recognise children of same-sex parents, court rules in ‘huge step for LGBT+ families’

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Museum Showcases Queer Relationships in the Animal Kingdom

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Botswana Court of Appeals Upholds Decriminalization of Same-Sex Relations

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Social media companies kept banning pictures of ‘explicit’ art. So, Vienna museums will now post on OnlyFans.

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Colonial Williamsburg is Uncovering America’s Hidden Queer History

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Internet Reacts to Batman Oral Sex Ban

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The history of horror is gay

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6 Gay or Bi Historical Figures Who Are Straight-Washed by History

From Gandhi to Alexander the Great, history is filled with queer folks who had to conceal their identity

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Can Oral Sex Give You Cancer?

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Zanele Muholi: Celebrating South Africa's black LGBTQIA+ community

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Polyamorous relationships granted legal rights in Massachusetts

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The Cishet Hero Complex: Do You Want a Medal for That, Becky?

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A group is threatening legal action & demanding payment for use of the bisexual pride flag

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My Culture is Not Your Toy: A Gay Japanese Man’s Perspective on Queer Eye Japan

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Why LGBTQ+ Representation in Webcomics Is So Game-Changing for Queer College Women

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Marcel Proust's Lost Gay Love Stories to Finally Be Published

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This Webcomic Librarian Is Protecting LGBTQ Stories

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Male sex workers take over Amsterdam's Red Light District windows

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Earliest fragment from German vagina poem found in abbey library

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Erotic Poem From The Middle Ages

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These awesome & inspiring church signs have doubled the congregation’s size

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An Entire Methodist Confirmation Class Rejects the Church Over Anti-Gay Policies

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GMB launches Scotland's first sex workers' union

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The (Straight) Male Gaze Rules on Sanitized Social Media

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Meet the Tumblr castaways trying to save its NSFW content

Tumblr posters of porn and kink fear a ban on naughty content will eviscerate not only their blogs, but the communities they’ve built on the networks.

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Why Tumblr’s ban on adult content is bad for LGBTQ youth

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All you need is loves: the truth about polyamory

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Someone Wrote A Feminist Defense Of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" And I Don't Know What To Feel

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Germany gay marriage approved by MPs in snap vote

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Stanford researcher sheds light on life of lesbians in Nazi Germany

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PayPal, Square and big banking's war on the sex industry

The discriminatory practice of redlining is reinvented for the 21st century.

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How The Addams Family does BDSM right

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17 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Boys About Sex

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Black magician Aleister Crowley's early gay verse comes to light

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In Toronto with the world’s feminist pornographers

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Daughter of Osamu Tezuka, God of Manga, discovers his stash of hand-drawn sexy mouse artwork

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Why every digital marketing agency should try running their own sex shop

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Arizona Confronting Awkward Realization That Gay People Have Money, Buy Stuff

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Della Wolf is B.C.'s 1st child with 3 parents on birth certificate

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Virginity Is A Social Construct

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Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?

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Punk Band Shoots Porn Film on Front Lawn of Westboro Baptist Church

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