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Archaeologists Unearth a Secret Lost Language From 3,000 Years Ago

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Why Your Morality Is My Problem: modern holdovers from ancient theology

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The First Stained-Glass Depiction of Jesus as a Black Man Has Been Discovered in the Window of a Small Rhode Island Church

The window was created by the studios of Henry Sharp, a 19th-century American stained glass maker.

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Forced participation in religious activities to be classified as child abuse in Japan

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Your Annual Reminder to Stop Harmonizing the Nativity

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The time SUSE, the German Linux company, banned mentioning Jewish holidays.

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Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back

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In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace

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These awesome & inspiring church signs have doubled the congregation’s size

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What Jewish law really says about abortion

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An Entire Methodist Confirmation Class Rejects the Church Over Anti-Gay Policies

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Poll: Church membership in US plummets over past 20 years

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Scientology and the Fellowship

When games take inspiration from real life.

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Modernist ruin is an 'albatross around our neck' says church

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A History of Creativity

Tags: culture, business, religion, history, politics

7 in 10 young people in the UK are non-religious, new research finds

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How did Victorian Muslims celebrate Christmas?

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How My Grandmother’s Cookbook Made Me a Writer

On Cooking, Rosh Hashanah, and Inhabiting a Fictive World

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Schwarzenegger: Indiana’s religious freedom law is bad for Republicans

Tags: america, religion, politics

Pope ditches Latin as official language of Vatican synod

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Captain America in a turban

I wore that costume to challenge the way New Yorkers think about superheroes — and bearded Sikhs like me

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Why does Easter move around so much?

It all depends on the timing of the full moon relative to March 21st

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Punk Band Shoots Porn Film on Front Lawn of Westboro Baptist Church

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Dalai Lama tells his Facebook friends that religion "is no longer adequate"

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