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New Site

How not to build a site; or How I intended to build a simple one-page site and accidentally a static site with blogging and a gallery.

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How ironic that now I know exactly how to make a good blogging-oriented SSG but don't need one anymore. Oh well, the time will come again.

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Give Up GitHub

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How censoring China’s open-source coders might backfire

Many suspect the Chinese state has forced Gitee, the Chinese competitor to GitHub, to censor open-source code in a move developers worry could obstruct innovation.

In all honesty, we should also be worried about MS owning GitHub, and not enough people are.

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What is it with programmers and their tools? You don't hear carpenters pontificating over the art of the drill, or learning hammer-fu.

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GitHub suspending Russian accounts deleted project history and pull requests

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Horrible edge cases to consider when dealing with music

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Open source developers, who work for free, are discovering they have power

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Funding isn't the problem with open source

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No Easter Eggs In Curl

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It seems to me the makers of Wayland want all the clout of becoming the new X11, only without putting in any of the work.

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Privacy Myth 1 - We Are Not Collecting Personal Data

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My tiny side project has had more impact than my decade in the software industry

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Why I no longer trust Github

Tags: internet, programming, business

Jira Is A Microcosm Of What’s Broken In Software Development

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Programmer Power

Yep, like I wrote the previous year, the software freedom movement is made up of libertarians. Explains a lot, really.

Tags: programming, politics

Rotary: A Retro Web Input for Phone Numbers

Tags: cool, web, programming

Open Source Is Old School, Says The GitHub Generation

Tags: programming, law

CSS3 Pong: I****e things to do with CSS #17

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Programmer Interrupted

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Star Wars 3D Scrolling Text in CSS3

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