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How 2023 changed the summer blockbuster game

Will this year's hits and bombs change how studios approach the season?

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UK crews in crisis as SAG-AFTRA strike thwarts production: “Is the UK industry really our own?”

How did the UK's legendary film industry come to depend on Hollywood for work? Just a few years ago they were churning out excellent TV series of their own.

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Death Spiral of Hollywood Monopolies

Too big to fail? Not so fast. A showrunner's cautionary memo

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Justine Bateman on the Destruction of the Film Business

Amid the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, studio heads are scorching their own legacies, Justine Bateman writes.

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Barbie Answers Oppenheimer

No Spoilers, Other than Oppenheimer Does Indeed Invent the Atomic Bomb

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Subtracting Homogeneity

for the sake of realism

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The Long, Strange Story of How Indiana Jones Got His Hat

Film's most famous fedora—back on big screens now—has a blockbuster-worthy origin story.

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The IP Era’s Venture Capital Philosophy Has Poisoned Movies

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Maybe There’s a Better Way to Think About Adaptations

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Column: We can’t afford another writers’ strike. Not Hollywood, not L.A., not the country

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Opinion: The awkward truth about the new ‘Avatar’ is far bigger than its bottom line

A poignant critique of the racism and imperialism on display in the highly-grossing franchise, that echoes my own thoughts from ten years ago.

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Pourquoi les couleurs ont disparu au cinéma ?

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Looney Tunes Without Looney Tunes

Existential, Surreal, And Creepy Backgrounds

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Every Batman Movie And The Real-World Fears They Highlight

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Blackbeard's No Kill Rule In Our Flag Means Death Might've Been Real

Despite his fearsome reputation, the real life Blackbeard had a surprising record of not killing his victims, which Our Flag Means Death explains.

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Netflix Lost $50 Billion in Value Overnight

Wall Street is freaking out about the streaming giant’s growth prospects

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Here's Why Movie Dialogue Has Gotten More Difficult To Understand (And Three Ways To Fix It)

There's just one problem with all those excuses: movies aren't real. That's kind of the whole point, the reason why we go in the first place. And as a director, you don't just make stuff for yourself, but for the audience too. Snotty brats.

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The Eternals – Marvel consulted me to help superheroes chit chat in Babylonian

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The History of Whitewashing in Comic-to-Screen Adaptations

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Amazon Buys MGM, Studio Behind James Bond, for $8.45 Billion

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The X-Files and the Scully Effect — fake aliens, real-world phenomenon for women in STEM

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The Inescapable Whiteness of AVATAR: THE LEGEND OF KORRA, and its Uncomfortable Implications

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The Slow Death of Hollywood

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Shazam and Sekiro: Gatekeepers Die Twice

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Metro 2033 film has been cancelled because the scripter wanted to 'Americanize' it

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Dysfunction, Drama, and Diarrhea: The Making of ‘The Magnificent Seven’

The set of the 1960s Western was awash in toxic masculinity, fragile egos, and gastrointestinal distress

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Peter Jackson Restored, Colorized 100 Hours of World War I Footage

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Scarlett Johansson May Lead a Gamergate Movie

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10 Incredible Stories of Non-CGI Filmmaking

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Uganda’s Tarantino and his $200 action movies

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Whinny and Bo

How can you have an animated cartoon without animators? Capitalism: dreaming of the same things since 1957.

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When Kermit met Yoda: The Muppets on set of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

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Lost Painting Found by Art Historian While Watching Stuart Little

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How Pinocchio set the standard for feature animation

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Artist Removes One Letter from Famous Movie Titles and Illustrates the Results

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Takeshi Kitano criticises Japanese film industry

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How They Made ‘The Flintstones’: 15 Unpublished Photos

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Early Japanese Animations: The Origins of Anime (1917-1931)

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After Reading This, You’ll Never Watch ‘Finding Nemo’ In the Same Way Again

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Andrei Tarkovsky's Polaroids

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Penury, swindlers and the American way: the capitalist legacy of superheroes

As a pay dispute threatens the superhero stranglehold on box office takings, it’s a timely reminder that these capitalist heroes have long trampled upon the artists who brought them to life, writes Laura Sneddon.

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Why Everyone Films At The Same Damn New York Chinese Restaurant

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