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Lakota elders helped a white man preserve their language. Then he tried to sell it back to them.

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Why does Google get internationalization wrong?

I guess it’s “Advanced” to speak something other than English

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The Eternals – Marvel consulted me to help superheroes chit chat in Babylonian

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The race to save indigenous languages using automatic speech recognition

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Meet the people fighting to keep a language alive online

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Scientists rename human genes to stop Microsoft Excel from misreading them as dates

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Abe’s New Word Order

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How language shapes the way we play

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Evidence Rebuts Chomsky's Theory of Language Learning

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70 maps that explain America

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Pope ditches Latin as official language of Vatican synod

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Dialogue in fiction: Part I – How to write authentic dialects and foreign accents

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"I can't speak English – and it's a sore point for me"

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