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WotC: D&D Fanbase Not Sufficiently Alienated To Generate Profit

A satire of specific events, but which applies just as well to much of the business landscape in recent years.

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The word “condom”

For a long time, the word "condom" was unprintable. Neither the original OED nor The Century Dictionary featured the word. Several venues for discovering the origin of "condom" have been tried. It surfaced in texts at the beginning of the eighteenth century, but we cannot be sure that the word was coined in England.

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The Static File Startup

The satire would be hilarious if it wasn't painful.

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No need to declare captured Russian tanks, other equipment of invaders as income – NAPC

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No need to declare captured Russian tanks, other equipment of invaders as income – NAPC

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Male cat needs glucose drip after mating with five females in one night in pet hotel

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An empty San Francisco lot and 12 other things worth more than Tumblr

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Astrobiologist Tries Cooking In Antarctica At -94ºF (-70ºC), And The Result Will Crack You Up

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30 Terrible Pictures Taken By Real Estate Agents

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Lioness Steals a Photographer’s Camera, Gives It to Her Cubs as a New Toy

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According To The Indian Immigration Authority December Has 32 Glorious Days & Twitterati Can't Take It!

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A very comprehensive and precise spec

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Japanese stereotypes of European countries, based on Japanese Google autocomplete suggestions

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A Day In the Life of an Empowered Female Heroine

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Now that's what I call a Hacker

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People In Toronto Created A Memorial To A Dead Raccoon After The City Forgot To Pick It Up

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THIS IS NOT MY CAT! (24 pics)

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If the countries of Europe were high school students, what would they be like?

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How do I draw a pair of buttocks?

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Some Ways That I Act Like A Guy

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A Teenager’s Written Account of the Very First Thanksgiving, 1621

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Artist Removes One Letter from Famous Movie Titles and Illustrates the Results

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5 Things You Only Know If You Grew Up in a Communist Regime

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Arizona Confronting Awkward Realization That Gay People Have Money, Buy Stuff

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Signs You’ve Been Reading Too Much YA

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If the UK were an African Country: Was Great Britain a Mistake?

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Americans Try To Place European Countries On A Map

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It's Thanksgiving So We Asked Brits To Label The United States — We're So Sorry, America

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Company Lacks Manpower To Complete Newest Round Of Layoffs | The Onion

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Inside the United States

GlobalPost goes inside the United States to uncover the regime’s dramatic descent into authoritarian rule and how the opposition plans to fight back.

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Cat proposed as mayor of Mexican state capital Xalapa

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IT Security in a Nutshell

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The Oxford Comma

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