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Street Views

Long, stunning dive into the history of urban photography at the intersection of technology and society.

Tags: media, tech, history, society, cities

.io considered harmful

Tags: internet, politics, history

On the power of pushing back against the marginalisation of sex workers

Tags: religion, sexuality, business, history

From Richness to Ruin: 7 Abandoned Opera Houses

Tags: architecture, history, media

1988: P.R.E.S.T.A.V.B.A. - 50 Years of Text Games

Tags: games, history

In Praise of The Yard Goat

Tags: tech, history, media

On history versus chronicles

Tags: history, education

The Mona Lisa Wasn’t Really That Famous Until It Was Stolen in 1911

Tags: art, history

How Scientists Use and Abuse Portraiture

Many scientific studies assume that the features of painted faces are the facts of the flesh-and-blood countenances to which they refer. This assumption is not only false; it is preposterous.

Tags: art, history, science, education

Imperial Wars Always Come Home

Tags: history, politics

On the King’s two bodies and modern myth making

Tags: history, politics

Life and Works of Sofonisba Anguissola, Noblewoman, Portraitist of Philip II

Tags: cool, art, history

Chief Gates Comes to Oakhurst: A Cop Drama

Tags: america, games, law, politics, history

What Actually Happens When a Country Bans Abortion

Tags: america, romania, health, law, history

A History of Creativity

Tags: culture, business, religion, history, politics

Peter Jackson Restored, Colorized 100 Hours of World War I Footage

Tags: movies, tech, history

An open letter to pretty much every linguistic Voynich theorist ever

Tags: books, history, education

Was Emily Brontё’s Heathcliff black?

Tags: books, history, racism

The Closing of a Great American Dialect Project

Tags: language, science, history, america

Somebody Peeled 30 Years Of Graffiti, And This Is What Was Underneath

Tags: architecture, history

Women pioneered computer programming. Then men took their industry over.

Tags: computers, gender, history

The Improbable, Bold History of Space Concept Art

Tags: space, art, history

Scene at MIT: Margaret Hamilton’s Apollo code

A brief history of the famous 1969 photo of the software that sent humans to the moon.

Tags: cool, space, computers, history, media

Big computers, big hair: the women of Bell Labs in the 1960s

Tags: tech, gender, history

A Revisionist History of Postwar Pop

Tags: japan, music, history

lcamtuf's blog: On journeys

Tags: culture, tech, history

70 maps that explain America

Tags: america, history, language, politics

The real Indiana Jones on why Western civilization is a bubble

Tags: history, politics

Lost Painting Found by Art Historian While Watching Stuart Little

Tags: movies, art, history

How Pinocchio set the standard for feature animation

Tags: movies, history

Romeo and Juliet Has No Balcony

Shakespeare didn't even know what a balcony was—so how did one end in his most famous scene?

Tags: culture, history

5 Things You Only Know If You Grew Up in a Communist Regime

Tags: romania, history, humor

The 1,500 year old schism fuelling the clash between Russia and the West

Tags: politics, history

On Artifacts Future and Past

Tags: art, history, space, tech, culture

Stockholm Olympics photos: What did Olympians look like in 1912?

Tags: sports, history, media