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Rainwater everywhere on Earth unsafe to drink due to ‘forever chemicals’, study finds

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New glasses for the deaf and hard of hearing display subtitles while people speak

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This is How the Media is Misleading You on “Technology Addiction”

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Your Smartwatch's Heart Rate Monitor Was Developed by a Furry

Dr. David Benaron is an inventor whose team at Stanford laid the groundwork for the optical heart rate monitor. He's also a cheetah named Spottacus.

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Why I Quit Google’s WebAssembly Team, And How It Made Me Sick

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People in the Middle Ages Slept Not Once But Twice Each Night: How This Lost Practice Was Rediscovered

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Multiple Sclerosis Is Likely Caused by a Virus, Finds Study of 10 Million Military Personnel

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Ten Million a Year

If the pandemic so terrified us that billions of us retreated into panicked cocoons for months, what can explain or justify our blindness and indifference towards the ten million lives ended each year by the repeated inhalation of smog?

Like I said many times before: We chose to be terrified by the pandemic. It was a choice.

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Fire at Romanian COVID-19 hospital kills seven people

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Colombian officials accidentally reveal details on Big Pharma’s immunity for adverse reactions to COVID vaccines

Besides the eye-watering costs, the nation agreed to indemnify the manufacturers from any legal responsibility for adverse events arising from the use of their products.

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International Cat Day: Meet Truffles, the kitty who wears glasses to help kids feel better about theirs

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Abolish the Olympics

They’ve long been a financial boondoggle that ruins lives and enriches the corporate class. This year, they might also spread a deadly Covid variant among a largely unvaccinated population.

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Better air is the easiest way not to die

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I have one of the most advanced prosthetic arms in the world — and I hate it

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The Completely Bonkers History of the Bathroom Scale

A century ago, few Americans had any idea how much they weighed. Here’s why that changed so dramatically.

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Mental health ’emergency’ among child refugees in Greece

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Why Is the Netherlands Rioting Over COVID Now?

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Can Oral Sex Give You Cancer?

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People Who Eat Chili Pepper May Live Longer – Reduced Risk of Dying From Cardiovascular Disease or Cancer

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Study supports link between traffic-related air pollution and mental disorders

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Largest study to date confirms overlap between autism and gender diversity

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400.000 décès prématurés en raison de la pollution de l’air

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La polio est officiellement éradiquée en Afrique, « une délivrance »

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Report reveals young people felt less anxious and more connected to school in lockdown

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Air pollution is much worse than we thought

Ditching fossil fuels would pay for itself through clean air alone.

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Universal basic income seems to improve employment and well-being

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Tyson Worker: 'I'm putting my life on the line to make sure they get the chicken out.'

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Young people capitalize on cheap coronavirus flights: 'If I die, I die'

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Coronavirus and the Blindness of Authoritarianism

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FDA clears ‘world’s first’ portable, low-cost MRI following positive clinical research

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The Psychological Impacts Of Poverty, Digested

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The Real Reason to Panic About China's Plague Outbreak

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What are children dying from and what can we do about it?

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DeepMind’s Latest A.I. Health Breakthrough Has Some Problems

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Amputee can feel objects again with prosthetic arm inspired by Luke Skywalker

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Teenager can walk again thanks to Dutch 3D printed spinal implant

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Fitbits, other wearables may not accurately track heart rates in people of color

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Debunked: The absurd story about smartphones causing kids to sprout horns

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Support networking

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What Jewish law really says about abortion

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Anti vax movement: Russian trolls fueled anti-vaccination debate in U.S. by spreading misinformation on Twitter, study finds

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The solution to make America physically active

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Pollution - Les voitures font exploser le nombre de cas d'asthme chez les enfants

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Cars are killing us. Within 10 years, we must phase them out

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Herbalist Who Told Diabetic Boy To Use Lavender Oil Instead Of Insulin Is Jailed For His Death

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Basic Income: Canada’s Trial Had a Huge Effect on People’s Health

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Worry less about children's screen use, parents told

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Here's how Iceland radically cut teenage drug use

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Challenges in the Diagnosis of Magnesium Status

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Therapy Drones Are Helping Injured Falcons Fly Again

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I Tried Soylent. It Didn’t Go Well.

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Get Your Children Good and Dirty

Researchers are discovering how crucial microbes are to our health and to avoiding a range of newly common diseases. So it’s time to get dirty, eat better and stop overusing antibiotics

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Processed meat and cancer – what you need to know

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My Cyborg Ear: How a Surgeon and Titanium Cured My Lifelong Deafness

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Alcohol or Marijuana? A Pediatrician Faces the Question

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I Want To Live.

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The Shitty Secret Behind All Those July 4th Hot Dogs

Factory hog farms dispose of millions of gallons of toxic pig waste every day by storing it in cesspools and spraying it into the air.

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New Swimwear Line Proves You Don't Need 2 Breasts To Look Sexy

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India beats the odds, beats polio

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Irish children are dying from neglect and abuse

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Commuting Is Bad for Your Body and Health

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Scientists invent artificial BLOOD made of water, salt and protein that works in mice

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Greeks, Romans wiped their asses with pottery discs

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Diary of a Benefit Scrounger: Disability Roulette

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Bionic hand makes amputee 'feel human again' – video

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