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Fire at Romanian COVID-19 hospital kills seven people

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Colombian officials accidentally reveal details on Big Pharma’s immunity for adverse reactions to COVID vaccines

Besides the eye-watering costs, the nation agreed to indemnify the manufacturers from any legal responsibility for adverse events arising from the use of their products.

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Abolish the Olympics

They’ve long been a financial boondoggle that ruins lives and enriches the corporate class. This year, they might also spread a deadly Covid variant among a largely unvaccinated population.

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Can Oral Sex Give You Cancer?

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The Great Covid Class War

The pandemic has created the perfect pretext for enacting economically destructive policies.

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Tyson Worker: 'I'm putting my life on the line to make sure they get the chicken out.'

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Young people capitalize on cheap coronavirus flights: 'If I die, I die'

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Coronavirus and the Blindness of Authoritarianism

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What Actually Happens When a Country Bans Abortion

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Basic Income: Canada’s Trial Had a Huge Effect on People’s Health

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Here's how Iceland radically cut teenage drug use

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I Want To Live.

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Irish children are dying from neglect and abuse

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Diary of a Benefit Scrounger: Disability Roulette

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