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Barbie Answers Oppenheimer

No Spoilers, Other than Oppenheimer Does Indeed Invent the Atomic Bomb

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Shattering the myth of men as hunters and women as gatherers

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Finland passes new, progressive trans rights laws on gender recognition

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Texas attorney general’s office sought state data on transgender Texans

The behind-the-scenes effort by Ken Paxton’s office to obtain data on how many Texans had changed their gender on their licenses came as he and other Republican leaders in the state have been publicly marshaling resources against transgender Texans.

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An Open Letter To Men Who Love Women Over 35 — This Is Why We Flinch When You Touch Us

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Mediocre White Men are So. Fucking. Fragile.

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sex as a social construct

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The Magician and the Suffragette: The Strange History of Sawing a Woman in Half

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Iceland elects first female majority parliament

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The “Deviant” African Genders That Colonialism Condemned

European travellers and anthropologists found that their gendered worldview didn’t easily map onto the societies they encountered.

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You don’t have a male or female brain – the more brains scientists study, the weaker the evidence for sex differences

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This badass Edinburgh photo shows two ladies in long dresses and hats rock climbing in the 1900s

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Bro Culture, Fitness, Chivalry, and American Identity

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Study reveals gender bias in TA evaluations

The female TA got five times as many negative reviews as the male TA — but they were the same person.

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30 Times Male Authors Showed They Barely Know Anything About Women

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Largest study to date confirms overlap between autism and gender diversity

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The X-Files and the Scully Effect — fake aliens, real-world phenomenon for women in STEM

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Why Damaging Myths About Women and Science Keep Coming Back

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Transgender woman launches historic bid for public office in Romania

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Romania passes law banning gender identity studies despite protests

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Mattel Introduces World's First Gender-Neutral Doll

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The (Straight) Male Gaze Rules on Sanitized Social Media

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Trump administration wants to remove 'gender' from UN human rights documents

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How To Kill Your Tech Industry

In World War II, Britain invented the electronic computer. By the 1970s, its computing industry had collapsed—thanks to a labor shortage produced by sexism.

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Brain Scans Aren't Necessary to Confirm Trans People's Genders

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Someone Wrote A Feminist Defense Of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" And I Don't Know What To Feel

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So, about this Googler’s manifesto.

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Today is the anniversary of the first woman in space

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Women in tech: Why Bulgaria and Romania are leading in software engineering

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Women pioneered computer programming. Then men took their industry over.

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Ships On Ships: Noella Whitney Talks ‘Broadside’

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The problem with a technology revolution designed primarily for men

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Big computers, big hair: the women of Bell Labs in the 1960s

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Everyone Uses Singular 'They,' Whether They Realize It Or Not

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A Day In the Life of an Empowered Female Heroine

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What They Really Mean When They Say They're Not a Feminist

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Some Ways That I Act Like A Guy

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17 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Boys About Sex

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After Reading This, You’ll Never Watch ‘Finding Nemo’ In the Same Way Again

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New Swimwear Line Proves You Don't Need 2 Breasts To Look Sexy

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Boys Wear Skirts To School In France To Fight Sexism

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Is this the new Bechdel Test?

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Artists Respond to DC’s Harley Quinn Contest

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Germany is the first European country to recognize a third gender

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I hate Strong Female Characters

Sherlock Holmes gets to be brilliant, solitary, abrasive, Bohemian, whimsical, brave, sad, manipulative, neurotic, vain, untidy, fastidious, artistic, courteous, rude, a polymath genius. Female characters get to be Strong.

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'The Cuckoo's Calling' Reveals A Lot About Publishing

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Five Important Things Women Don't Know About Men

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