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Stop Using Hamburger Menus

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Celebrating a Year of

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The age of average

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Twitter alternative: how Mastodon is designed to be “antiviral”

Friction is good for you. What a surprise. (Not really.) Speaking of which: dude, IP blocking is a thing, too. Don't push it.

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4 Twitter features Mastodon is better for not having

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The Web Was Originally Responsive

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Here's Why Craigslist Still Looks the Same After 25+ Years

Craig Newmark's explanation of the site’s evolution (or lack thereof) is surprisingly simple. (via Slashdot) Note the remark that to an engineer, functional is beautiful.

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New Site

How not to build a site; or How I intended to build a simple one-page site and accidentally a static site with blogging and a gallery.

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Why do so many brands change their logos and look like everyone else?

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Please Stop Using Grey Text

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I have no capslock and I must scream

This hits like a ton of bricks.

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Designers gone wild: most bizarre functioning computers

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Less Human Than Human: The Design Philosophy of Steve Jobs

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Apple warns its new credit card shouldn't go in your wallet — or your pocket or purse

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The Next CSS Frontier — Classless

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Low-tech Magazine’s Solar-Powered Website is Rewriting the Rules of Web Design

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How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

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Why Japanese Web Design Is So… Different

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