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My brushstrokes against AI-art

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David Revoy on Why Free and Open Source Software Matters

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Kyoto Statement on End-To-End Encryption

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The Revitalizing Power of Indigenous Typography

Typefaces express sovereignty. Here’s how Musqueam found just the right type for its language.

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ChatGPT's odds of getting code questions correct are worse than a coin flip

But its suggestions are so annoyingly plausible

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Fast machines, slow machines

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A new view of the Manchester Computer

Seventy five years ago, the University’s ‘Baby’ computer became the first electronic computer with a read/write memory to run a program. To mark this historic event, Professor Jim Miles (University of Manchester Department of Computer Science) describes how a definitive new image of the Manchester computer was recreated using rediscovered original negatives.

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Early Computer Art In The 50’s & 60’s

Fascinating, and highly relevant these days as it happens.

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Building the Micro Mirror Free Software CDN

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Computer Folks Ignore History

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Millions of DNA tests leaked after hackers breach company's 'forgotten' database

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La dure réalité de la « scalabilitée »

French language post about what it really takes to run a Mastodon instance and scale it as more people gather.

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Undefined Isn’t Unpredictable

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We Spoke With the Last Person Standing in the Floppy Disk Business

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Eriko Tamura: Oz

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AMD and Nvidia leaks show we are drunk on power, and the hangover is going to be brutal

The planet may burn but at least the end will be ray-traced at 8K

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Inventing Postscript, The Tech That Took The Pain Out Of Printing

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Oracle already wins 'crypto bug of the year' with Java digital signature bypass

Whole new meaning for zero consequences

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Revisiting the INMOS Transputer

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Dear open source developers: despite the license, GNU Info is proprietary software. It uses a custom format not supported by any other app, that's overly complex and has no reason to exist except that its creator thought he was smarter than everyone. Use literally anything else.

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I have no capslock and I must scream

This hits like a ton of bricks.

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70 years since LEO, the ‘world’s first business computer’.

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Big problems at the timezone database

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It occurs to me that the General Public License is basically the United States Constitution of software development: a pioneering document that opened the floodgates, but is now out of touch and no longer suitable for the modern world.

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How to Fork a Book: The Radical Transformation of Publishing

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From Idea to Icon: 50 Years of the Floppy Disk

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Intel Continues to Rehire Veterans: At Some Point They’ll Run Out

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On Endianness

Byte Endianness in computers has been a constant source of conflict for decades. But is there really a clear advantage to one over the other? Let’s explore together!

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Irish police to be given powers over passwords

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Old-school computing: when your lab PC is ancient

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Designers gone wild: most bizarre functioning computers

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Silicon Graphics: Gone But Not Forgotten

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Your Computer Isn't Yours

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Breakthrough of Digital Culture: Finland accepts the Demoscene on its national UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity

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A circuit board from the Saturn V rocket, reverse-engineered and explained

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Silicon Valley hasn’t innovated since 1978

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Dates, Times, Calendars— The Universal Source of Data Science Trauma

Content warning: ableist language

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Linux Journal Ceases Publication: An Awkward Goodbye

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Software woven into wire: Core rope and the Apollo Guidance Computer

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Photos Of Travelers Coming In And Out Of The US Have Been Hacked And Stolen

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Cemetery of Soviet computers

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What Does It Take to Keep a Classic Mainframe Alive?

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Winamp 5.8 Media Player Released in All Its Nostalgic Glory

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Women pioneered computer programming. Then men took their industry over.

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Silicon Jungle’ now free via PG: Read about Kaypro, WordStar, Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘2010’ modem connection

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The Balanced Ternary Machines of Soviet Russia

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Interesting Photos of Computer Stores in the 1970s and 1980s

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A very comprehensive and precise spec

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Scene at MIT: Margaret Hamilton’s Apollo code

A brief history of the famous 1969 photo of the software that sent humans to the moon.

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Now that's what I call a Hacker

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The curious case of the disappearing Polish S

And this is why you never override browser shortcuts. I don't care what you think you're accomplishing. Just don't.

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Barack Obama just became the first US president to write a computer program

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NVIDIA's new GPU proves moon landing truthers wrong

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Cory Doctorow: Teaching Computers Shows Us How Little We Understand About Ourselves

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IT Security in a Nutshell

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CS in VN

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