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AMD and Nvidia leaks show we are drunk on power, and the hangover is going to be brutal

The planet may burn but at least the end will be ray-traced at 8K

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Why do so many brands change their logos and look like everyone else?

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Owner of accuses newly launched alternative of theft

As well as copying another site's UI, is apparently selling games without their creators' consent. Funny how anything related to crypto seems to involve art theft.

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Give Up GitHub

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When Skills are Paywalled

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Lakota elders helped a white man preserve their language. Then he tried to sell it back to them.

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A modern web payment login process

This is spot-on. Remember when pundits used to promise a future of online payments so seamless as to make brick-and-mortar stores obsolete?

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The time SUSE, the German Linux company, banned mentioning Jewish holidays.

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NFT Market Collapses Just As Square Enix Sells Tomb Raider To Bet Big On Blockchain

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Pop Culture Has Become an Oligopoly

(Via the Dragonfly BSD Digest.) I disagree with the attempted explanations, but the statistics are telling. As for the conclusions... Subsisting entirely on cultural comfort food cannot make us thoughtful, creative, or courageous. Yes, exactly!

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The E3 video game expo has been completely canceled this year (again)

And a replacement event has already conveniently stepped up

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GOG update their stance on DRM-free, Galaxy as 'optional' for single-player

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The Static File Startup

The satire would be hilarious if it wasn't painful.

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No need to declare captured Russian tanks, other equipment of invaders as income – NAPC

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Analysis: Up to 1,000 digital-only games will disappear when Nintendo closes its 3DS and Wii U stores

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Be a hero: shun NFTs in video games

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‘NFTs are a scam,’ says indie game store

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People don't work as much as you think

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Survey Says Developers Are Definitely Not Interested In Crypto Or NFTs

'How this hasn’t been identified as a pyramid scheme is beyond me' Oh, but it has been.

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Why I Broke Up with Firefox

Mozilla’s decision to allow people to donate to them in cryptocurrency really turned me off.

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The Rot of Candy Crush and The Rest of Wordle

This is ultimately a story about control.

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Netflix Lost $50 Billion in Value Overnight

Wall Street is freaking out about the streaming giant’s growth prospects

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Kickstarter, the TTRPG Grindhouse

How creators and backers are ground up to feed the Mold

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'BioWare Magic Is Shit Process,' Says Former Dragon Age Producer

Mark Darrah discusses the stark realities of crunch

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Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion

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Cory Doctorow: Science Fiction is a Luddite Literature

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The Future Is Not Only Useless, It’s Expensive

This is how NFTs make me feel: like the future is useless but expensive, and world-altering technology is now in the hands of a culture so aesthetically and spiritually impoverished that it should maybe go back to telling stories around the cooking fire for a while, just to remember how to mean something.

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On the power of pushing back against the marginalisation of sex workers

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Colombian officials accidentally reveal details on Big Pharma’s immunity for adverse reactions to COVID vaccines

Besides the eye-watering costs, the nation agreed to indemnify the manufacturers from any legal responsibility for adverse events arising from the use of their products.

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California restaurant turns to sassy robot for extra help as it struggles to hire workers

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Abolish the Olympics

They’ve long been a financial boondoggle that ruins lives and enriches the corporate class. This year, they might also spread a deadly Covid variant among a largely unvaccinated population.

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Amazon Buys MGM, Studio Behind James Bond, for $8.45 Billion

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Media Market Research (and why its undermining all the things you love)

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Traditional publishing faces print distribution and ebook pricing ‘train wreck,’ says Kristine Kathryn Rusch

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The 10 Awful Truths about Book Publishing

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A group is threatening legal action & demanding payment for use of the bisexual pride flag

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Tyson Worker: 'I'm putting my life on the line to make sure they get the chicken out.'

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Why Do Corporations Speak the Way They Do?

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Silicon Valley hasn’t innovated since 1978

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Less Human Than Human: The Design Philosophy of Steve Jobs

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Locked Out

Airbnb promises anyone can “live like a local” while driving out the people who actually live there, and making the usual suspects rich.

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The Slow Death of Hollywood

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Mark Coker Interviewed by Hannah Howe

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Colorado makes more than $1 billion from pot sales

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Objective or Biased

On the questionable use of Artificial Intelligence for job applications

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Home Taping Is Killing Music: When the Music Industry Waged War on the Cassette Tape in the 1980s, and Punk Bands Fought Back

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Companies are not your friends

About the Activision mass firings debacle.

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GMB launches Scotland's first sex workers' union

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A History of Creativity

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Farewell, Project Wonderful.

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How to spot Real vs. Fake corporate support for the LGBTQIA+ community

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Why Europe’s dependency on Microsoft is a huge security risk

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Trump, Putin and the Pipelines to Nowhere

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How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

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Uganda’s Tarantino and his $200 action movies

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Why self-publishing is the new punk

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Arizona Confronting Awkward Realization That Gay People Have Money, Buy Stuff

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Fool Me 16,380 Times, Shame on Me

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DC Comics And "The Normal Course of Business"

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Nasdaq crash triggers fear of data meltdown

Digital infrastructure exceeding limits of human control, industry experts warn

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'The Cuckoo's Calling' Reveals A Lot About Publishing

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McDonald's closing all restaurants in Bolivia as nation rejects fast food

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What Is the Business of Literature?

As technology disrupts the business model of traditional publishers, the industry must imagine new ways of capturing the value of a book.

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McDonald's to give away 15m children's books with its food

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The Self-Attribution Fallacy

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25 US Mega Corporations: Where They Rank If They Were Countries

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The Day the Movies Died

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Why Do So Many Designs or Products Look The Same?

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Gates sends angry e-mail, sounds just like a customer

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The Management Myth

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The Networked Novel: Gestation Periods, Birth Weights and the Literary Heartbeat (Part 1)

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