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How 2023 changed the summer blockbuster game

Will this year's hits and bombs change how studios approach the season?

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ChatGPT's odds of getting code questions correct are worse than a coin flip

But its suggestions are so annoyingly plausible

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We’re now finding out the damaging results of the mandated return to the office–and it’s worse than we thought

Ignoring the fact that it's basically an ad, and the condescending tone towards the end, it's a good summary of the situation. Gee, you mean people have figured out they're being abused, and are voting with their feet?!

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I Can’t Offer Up My Culture for Consumption

My novel, "The Girls in Queens", offers a different kind of food tour of the world's most diverse neighborhood

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Why Your Morality Is My Problem: modern holdovers from ancient theology

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On Being a “Doomer”

“Doomer” is not the right word for someone who is simply paying attention.

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Developers are lazy, thus Flatpak

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My least favorite question in all of tech recruiting

Are you a top, a bottom, or a switcher?

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Computer Folks Ignore History

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The Tone Policing Paradox

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One decade later, GNOME still sucks

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Doctors, please listen

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I Could Have Done That

Observations working at a museum

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The Problem With Disfigured Villains In Pop Culture

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Mediocre White Men are So. Fucking. Fragile.

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People don't work as much as you think

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Pourquoi les chauffards conduisent des grosses bagnoles chères ?

"Why do bad drivers have big expensive cars?"

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(awesome Tumblr rant about Americans on the internet)

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On Finding Out Your Heroes are Monsters (Or: Detoxifying A Culture)

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Why Do Corporations Speak the Way They Do?

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10 Failures.

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Dysfunction, Drama, and Diarrhea: The Making of ‘The Magnificent Seven’

The set of the 1960s Western was awash in toxic masculinity, fragile egos, and gastrointestinal distress

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Snooty Snobs Should Shut Up

On reading YA books as an adult.

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Five Important Things Women Don't Know About Men

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No, you're not entitled to your opinion

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